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Jessie Suen

Principal Consultant




710 Lakeway Drive

Suite 120

Sunnyvale, CA 94085



TEL:  408.715.1211
FAX:  408.715.1201

Jessie Suen has over 14 years of experience in protecting innovation for clients ranging from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies.  Her practice includes patent preparation, patent prosecution, and developing portfolios that cover key product lines and technologies and align with IP goals and strategies.  Jessie’s technical acumen encompasses machine learning, artificial intelligence, large-scale data analytics, A/B testing and experimental designs, distributed systems, cloud computing, databases, filesystems, computer networking, virtualization, concurrency, signal processing, computer graphics, computer vision, computer architecture, computer security, programming languages, analog circuits, power sources, mobile devices, and industrial design.

As an undergraduate at Caltech, Jessie participated in NASA’s Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program.  For the program, she proposed, designed, built and conducted an experiment that investigated the behavior of magnetorheological fluids in microgravity under varying magnetic fields using diffusing wave spectroscopy.  Jessie’s engineering experience includes work on a software-based system for controlling piezoelectric membrane deformation, an FPGA-based prototype gigahertz digital sampling oscilloscope, and the UI and business logic layers of an investment management application. 

Jessie is actively involved in discussions and developments related to patenting emerging technologies.  She has spoken at IP law conferences and participated in roundtable discussions on IP and emerging technologies, contributed to a Bloomberg Law Portfolio on protecting AI and ML inventions, collaborated on a response to the USPTO’s request for comments on AI’s impact on patent law and policy, and published a series of blog posts on AI and patents.

Prior to joining Artegis, Jessie was a principal at Park, Vaughan, Fleming & Dowler LLP and a patent agent at Osha Liang LLP.


B.S., Engineering and Applied Science,   California Institute of Technology


United States Patent and Trademark     Office

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