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Artegis Law Group is a specialty patent law firm based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our clients rely on us to provide complex patent solutions, offer strategic and legal advice, and protect their intellectual property.

Patent Preparation & Prosecution

Our practice covers all aspects of the patent life-cycle from invention harvesting to patent issuance.  We actively work with in-house attorneys to develop a robust portfolio for our clients.  We also constantly educate ourselves about emerging technologies and thus are able to work seamlessly with inventors on cutting edge innovations.

Post Grant Proceedings

We are equipped to assist our clients in all administrative patent disputes, including trials at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, post-grant reviews, and inter partes reviews.

Non-Infringement & Invalidity Opinions

We issue robust opinions on the validity of patents that clearly identify different points of attack of the claims in a patent.  We also investigate and issue opinions on the likelihood of infringement of patents.   

Portfolio Analysis

We routinely evaluate IP portfolios for their strength both in terms of the collection of assets as a whole and the strength of the individual assets within the portfolios.  Our technical expertise enables us to quickly identify the “game-changer” assets in any IP portfolio.

Strategic Counseling

We provide a broad range of services aimed at helping our clients develop comprehensive and effective IP strategies.


Our team of patent practitioners is able to handle our clients' most intricate technologies, and we have the legal expertise and skill to guide clients through difficult decisions and craft thoughtful solutions that take into account technical, legal, and business considerations.

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John C. Carey
Jason J. Liu
Sarah W. Mirza
Henry L. Welch
Flora M. Amwayi
Mark A. Narveson
Gregory D. Suh
Sean D. Whaley
Robert P. Wagner
Andrew H. Leung
Leonardo Villarreal
Clea T. Bures
Darien B. Crane
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Our Name

Art'ēgis (ärt-ee-jis) noun. The nexus of technology and law. From Latin artificium "technology" + legis "law."

Our name symbolizes our commitment to excellence and emphasizes equally the importance of both technical acumen and legal sophistication in patent practice. Just as innovation and invention is a creative process, drafting quality patent applications and developing cogent patent portfolio strategies involves creativity as well as a deep understanding of all of the relevant technical and legal issues at hand.

Our Logo

The watermark symbol in our logo is an impression of the Antikythera mechanism, a complex instrument believed to be the world's first analog computer. The Antikythera mechanism was designed by Greek scientists and used to predict, among other things, astronomical positions and eclipses with significant precision. Like our name, the symbol of the Antikythera mechanism signifies technical complexity and attention to craftsmanship.

As represented by both our name and logo, the professionals at Artegis Law Group are committed to providing high-quality, exceptionally-crafted work product for our clients that is both technically precise and legally sound.

Our Values​


We are committed to delivering high quality work at unmatched value. We have the legal expertise and skill to guide clients through difficult decisions and craft thoughtful solutions that take into account technical, legal, and business considerations.


Our team is serious and

client-focused, and we are available 24-7-365. When our clients call, we listen and

respond immediately.



We view our clients as long-term partners, and we believe that

in-person representation is the best representation. As a result of our excellent client relationships, we understand our clients' needs and deliver superior service and results.




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March 30, 2020

SUNNYVALE, CALIF., March 30, 2020 — Artegis Law Group is pleased to announce the of counsel hire of Flora Amwayi in its Sunnyvale, CA office to further enhance the firm’s line-up of highly technical and skilled lawyers.

Flora Amwayi has particular expertise in several areas of patent practice, including patent preparation and prosecution, patent por...

I.          Introduction

            In the context of application software, the user interface may be a key differentiating feature among competing software products.  Thus, when a software company seeks patent protection for a software product, the user interface oftentimes is analyzed and considered for pat...

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Artegis Law Group was founded by lawyers who wanted to do things differently and to put passion, decisiveness, and edge back into the practice of patent law. At Artegis, you will work with top-notch professionals in their area of expertise.


We are always looking for highly motivated, talented people to join our team. For more information, please email us at

Current Positions

Patent Prosecution Professional (ME)

We are looking for experienced patent attorneys/patent agents/technical specialists who are interested in drafting and prosecuting patent applications involving complex robotic or kinematic systems, complex structural or dynamic systems, to name a few. 


Click here for more information on this opportunity and how to apply. 

Patent Administrator

We are looking for an experienced patent administrator who can prepare and electronically file patent prosecution-specific documents and forms, manage attorney dockets, and has a comprehensive understanding of both domestic and foreign prosecution. 


Click here for more information on this opportunity and how to apply. 




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